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Bukit Tabur

Considered as one of the challenging hiking trails in Klang Valley, Bukit Tabur is also home to one of the most beautiful sunrises in Malaysia. There are two trails for Bukit Tabur, to the east and to the west. The western route is a more popular route and will be listed below. The trail is straight forward but demanding. This is because there are many parts on the trail that need you to use both hands and legs to climb up and down the rock surface. An accidental slip or fall in some of these parts can result in a vertical drop of a few metres. (Deaths Have been Reported)

Broga Hill

Broga is distinctive in that it is located right on the border between the states of Negri Sembilan and Selangor. On the side of Selangor, Broga is situated in the subdistrict of Semenyih in the Hulu Langat district. It falls on the Negri Sembilan side of the of Lenggeng, which is part of the Seremban district. The name of Broga is derived from the River Broga, which runs through the town. The name Broga is thought to have been originated from Buragas, a mythical creature living in the forest.

Tadom Hill, Selangor

Whether you're pushing your adrenaline for a perfect plunge into Tadom Emerald Lake, having a good laugh with your friends on the ground, or sitting back in gazebos made of bamboo while enjoying the spectacular view of Mother Nature, Tadom Hills has a lot to offer. Surrounded by a beautiful lake and trees this place is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city regardless if you are a solo traveller, a small group of friends, a big family or a large corporate team.

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa lies in the centre of the city. It is a leisure park with a wide lake as its main drawing factor. Famous among city dwellers, it offers tennis courts, a playground for children and other leisure facilities for water sports, jogging and the like. Conveniently located nearby the park is the Remote Control (RC) car track, which is complete with a driver platform and seats for spectators, making it a common activity for RC fans on weekends.

Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir

Taman Tasik Ampang Hilir acts as a green lung for the local area. In addition to the calming views of the lake, The park has a well-maintained cycle and jogging path along with exercise facilities for gym freaks and children's playground and a 2.7 km walkway. After getting tired of jogging, you can also stop by the nearby cendol stall, which is popular in Ampang! This is a good place to unwind and rejuvenate after a tiring day at work.

Pantai Morib

This laid back beach is situated in the coastlines of Banting. It is a good place to take a stroll by the sea on the roads. But don't expect much of the beach itself. As the beach is muddy and grubby. Regardless, you can still enjoy the wind and sunset. It was here on a Monday. Pantai Morib is one of the closest beaches to Kuala Lumpur, which is why it can get busy on weekends with day-trippers. When the tide is low you can see small tiny crabs running on the muddy beach.